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Have you tried anal sex pleasure? If you’re a high-level anal sex player, then you’ve probably heard of anal beads. Even if you are a beginner in anal sex, then you have come to the right place. Because there are glass anal beads and balls that are most suitable for anal sex. Whether solo masturbation or partner sex, the glass anal bead can provide an orgasm very well.

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Learn More About Glass Anal Beads & Balls...

Glass anal beads are a sex toy. Generally, there are multiple glass beads or balls, and they are arranged in ascending order. Glass beads are from small to large, and become larger as the number of beads increases. Usually, the largest bead is at the very top. And there is a flared handle circle at the top. The main action is to pull the beads out of the anus. Glass anal beads are mainly taken out repeatedly and then reinserted. thereby stimulating the anus. Get sexual pleasure.
Glass anal beads are also known as glass anal balls, glass butt beads, and glass sex beads. These anal sex toys look like rosary beads. But slightly bigger than the rosary.
People usually use glass anal beads to masturbate or to increase sexual pleasure. More than that, get involved in couple sex. Of course, you can imagine pulling a bead without knowing it, isn’t that a fun sex way? However, this does not apply to the vagina. For women, if you want to experience a set of vagina balls. Specialized Kegel vaginal balls should be purchased. In conclusion, glass anal beads are the best anal training toy. Is best for anal sex player for all stages.

1. Choose a safe material. Our medical-grade glass anal balls are healthy and close to the skin;

2. Choose anal beads that are easy to clean. Anal beads glass is easy to clean. Do not hide some bacteria. And high-temperature resistance. Just soak it in boiling water wash it;

3. For beginners, please buy small size glass butt beads;

4. If you love strong anal sex, then you should buy large glass butt balls;

5. Buy glass beads sex toys with a circular ring or handle at the end. Prevent beads from falling into the anus;

6. Glass anal balls are cheap. You can buy more than one at a time. Keep exploring the best size for you.

1. If you are looking for anal training sex toys then it is the best.

2. Anal glass balls are cheap

3. Multiple effects. Not only suitable for single masturbation, but also suitable for couples to have sex.

4. Glass anal balls are very easy to use.

5. You can heat and cool your glass balls. Then experience the anal sex of the two worlds of ice and fire.

You should wash your butt beads carefully before and after each use. However, glass butt beads are very easy to clean. That’s why people love it.

All you need is warm water and mild soap. This is one of the regular cleaning methods. However, people usually prefer to clean with boiling water. Because most glass sex toys are high temperature resistant. So soak it in hot water.

Then take your glass anal beads out and dry it.

Finally, store the glass anal beads for your next use.

In fact, no matter what method of cleaning is chosen, it can be over quickly. So, be sure to wash your glass butt beads every time.

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