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Learn More About Glass Anal Plug
  • The anus is tighter than the vagina. While there seem to be countless sex positions and foreplay, it’s always a better idea to have more options.
  • Unfortunately, many conservative partners shy away from anal sex for a number of reasons. But you think differently, which is why you’re here in the first place!

To be fair, any type of penetration—whether vaginal or anal—is a great feeling. But why use a butt plug? Because then you don’t just slide anything in and out of that opening. You need something permanent. The combination of a tapered tip and a flat handle that acts as a stopper at the end is a permanent solution to a temporary dilemma. You or your partner can play it while it’s in, or choose to leave it in while you’re busy with other parts of your body, which may give you multiple thrills.

  • If you’ve ever broken a glass, you’ve probably wondered why it shattered so easily. Much depends on the exact materials used in the manufacturing process. Glass used for things like buildings (especially high-rise buildings) and car windows needs to be stronger to withstand the forces that are constantly acting on them. However, the glass used in everyday objects is more brittle and breaks more easily because it doesn’t have to suffer the same penalty.
  • But what does this have to do with butt plugs? Well, the main point is that the stronger the type of glass used to make the plug, the less likely it is to break. Now I’m not trying to scare you, your ass is less likely to shatter when you’re wearing it (I wouldn’t say impossible since you still need to take care of it). However, there are several types of glass you can keep an eye out for, as they tend to be of much better quality. These are pyrex and borosilicate. Borosilicate is ideal because it can withstand higher temperatures without breaking, so you can safely put them in boiling water and keep them well and sterile during use.
  • Not only that, but how it’s made matters too! After the glass is made, there is an important process that needs to be applied to the glass product, called annealing. Annealing is the process of heating glass to a certain temperature to release surface stress. Usually, this is done in a kiln, as the temperature required can be several hundred degrees Celsius! When glass is properly annealed, it should be stronger. But that doesn’t make it indestructible! When cleaning butt plugs, try to make sure the product can withstand boiling, as drastic changes in temperature are one of the most common causes of glass breakage. For example, if you have an annealed soda lime plug, you should probably clean it with warm water first, then gradually heat it with hot water to avoid rapid temperature changes.

Mostly right. I’ve done extensive research myself and found no evidence of the butt plug breaking when someone was wearing it. Two things are most likely to happen. One is that the stem will break eventually, because that’s one of the smaller, more stressed areas in the glass, and the more you use the plug, the more stress it gets. Another is that gradual wear and tear can cause cracks or chips to appear on the surface of the plug. You should always inspect your plug thoroughly before and after use, and if you notice any of these damaged areas, stop using it immediately and buy a new one. Definitely not worth scratching the inside of your rectum just to save some money!

  • Some glass will come in many different colors. Sometimes they have decals and decorations on them to make them look pretty. While these may be harmless and make you love your product more, it’s important to be extra vigilant here. Some manufacturers don’t actually use tinted glass. They can cover clear glass with glossy or even metallic coatings. You don’t want these. They can be highly toxic and will start to fray when you use the plug. If you want a stained glass butt plug, you want to make sure it’s actually stained glass. If you notice any discoloration, water spots or peeling while cleaning the plug, you need to stop using the plug. Otherwise it could hurt your body because your rectum is good at absorbing stuff.
  • Sometimes it also takes the form of gadgets that ornaments are added to the face of the plug, such as flowers or hearts. For the most part, if they melt into the glass correctly, they should be fine. When looking at these parts of the plug, if you can see any kind of seams or cracks (like when something sticks together but the edges don’t seal) then it’s at risk of falling off or cracking. Don’t tip over the glass, though!
  • I know I’ve just bombarded you with tons of information and the dangers of glass plugs, but in the end, they’re still one of the best, strongest, and most hygienic plug materials. If you treat it with care and make sure to clean it thoroughly as we advocate in our guide to butt plugs, you should have a great time!

What’s so special about glass butt plugs? Maybe you’ve been using silicone and metal for a while and you need to change the material. If silicone provides comfort and flexibility and metal is rougher for anal penetration, why use glass? What is it for? Who is it for?

  • First, it’s for everyone. Glass butt plugs combine art and aesthetics with fun at the same time. The high-quality glass used to make our butt plugs makes them hard to break, yet easy to use. A smoother surface than silicone guarantees more comfortable penetration, better control and easier handling. Similar to our other butt plugs here, the glass comes in different sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the size you prefer based on your needs and experience.
  • Second, glass butt plugs are so aesthetically pleasing that glass butt plugs are mostly transparent. Transparency is the key to seeing the inside view of your partner’s anus. What anal sex toy can give you access to?
  • Not only that, but glass butt plugs, like silicone, are available in different attractive colors: we have playful pinks, alluring blues, teasing purples, and more. If you don’t like transparency, our glass butt stoppers are also available in opaque colors. For even more fun, invest in a glass butt plug with a tail made of fur to boost your confidence and add more fun to your bedroom!
    Last but not least, we also offer anal beads made of the same high quality glass material for a more stimulating experience. Tuck them all in and feel each bead wiggle inside.
  • The possibilities for glass anal sex toys are endless, and you can choose whether or not to include these toys in your collection. Are you ready to open up a wider range of possibilities to add more steam on a hot night?
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