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Most people like to try anal sex. Indeed, anal sex has a different sexual pleasure. But as you know, the anus is not self-lubricating. The vagina and penis are self-lubricating. When sexual stimulation is felt, the genitals secrete a lubricating fluid. So, if you are pursuing anal sex, then an anal training kit is a must. Especially the glass butt plug set, which is one of people’s favorite anal training sets.

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Learn More About Glass Butt Plug Set...

Before enjoying anal sex pleasure, you should know what an anal trainer is. At this point, you need to prepare the anal training kit. That way you can train your anus better. Of all the anal training sets, the glass material is the most popular.
A complete glass anal plug set relaxes your anal sphincter. Then you can fully prepare for your anal sex. If you don’t have an anal starter kit, your first anal sex will be difficult. It will even make you have a psychological shadow on anal sex. And glass butt set can accomplish such a thing. Use an anal set regularly and you will keep trying new sensations.

There are many anal training kits available in the market. Therefore, you always wonder what anal toy set you should choose? In fact, most people would prefer a glass anal training kit. Because it has many benefits.

1. Glass is a safe material. It is close to the skin and is healthy.

2. These glass anal sets are very smooth

3. Can extend the anus well

4. It is also a good couple sex toy

5. The kit contains different sizes. keep training your anus

6. Helps you enjoy more intense anal sex pleasure

1. Choose a material that is healthy for your body. If you really don’t know what material to choose, then the glass anal kit is definitely good.

2. Choose an anal training kit of a small size. The Glass butt plug set has some very small size plugs. That can help you start small.

3. Select the glass anal set wrapped in different shapes. Because your sex life should be diverse.

4. You should learn a lot about anal training. That will make your anal sex more exciting and safer.

5. Choose a high-quality glass adult supply store to buy.

Just buying an anal training set is not enough. You should learn how to use and care for it properly. In this way, you can better enjoy anal sex pleasure. Otherwise, a few failed experiences may end your anal sex.

You should take your time when using your butt plug training kit. Can’t be in a hurry. Because you want to cherish your or your lover’s anus. Most of the time, your butt plug set will be pointed. Then the middle or bottom is wide. This way your anus will stretch.

First, you must know that the rectum cannot lubricate itself. So remember to use lube. Then, choose the smallest one in your kit. Lubricate it. Then slowly insert your butthole. After getting used to the small size, slowly change to the large one.
For a good anal sex experience, remember to foreplay before using it. Oral sex or other foreplay can be used in couples’ sex. This relaxes the anal muscles.

Also, no matter how often you clean your anus, there will always be some bacteria. So anal plug, do not insert into the vagina. In order to be healthy, you must buy a separate vaginal masturbator. A glass dildo is very cheap.

Finally, your anal dildo can last up to 3 hours. That will make your body more comfortable with these lovely glass plugs. Do not share your anal set with others.

Cleaning: Regardless of any sex toy, you should wash it carefully before and after use. Because that not only prolongs the lifespan but also prevents bacterial growth, which is good for personal health. Cleaning the glass butt plug set is easy. Just rinse with warm water.

Store: After cleaning, you should wipe dry. Then find a dry place to store your glass butt plug set. You should store it in the original box. In short, keep dry. Avoid breeding bacteria.

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