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Want something to fill up your anus? Probably you’ve thought about inserting some glass into the anus. But you’re afraid the glass will break. So you give up. In fact, some glass is not easy to break. Especially our glass butt plug. Unlike any other material butt plug, the glass anal plug gives a different feeling of sex. Our glass butt plugs will not shatter unless you smash hard. And it won’t hurt your beautiful anal hole. It is close to the skin.

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Customers Reviews
Good design and solid materials, no visible flaws in the glass. Amazing at this price point really. Fast delivery and excellent customer service.Thanks
Mila Rhyneer
This is a lovely glass plug that fill you up. With it being short and fat, you dont feel like you are getting poked.Definitely for beginners and easy to clean.
Patrick Rose
Love this set. Some are just kinda small but would be good for beginners. The bigger ones are great though. Glass is the way to go. Just be careful, play safe.
Mila Kunis
So easy to clean and slides in and out so smoothly. I can even sleep while using these.I haven't used all of them, but for the price it was worth the extras.
Jennifer Welsh

What is a glass butt plug?

If you are an advanced sex player, then you must know what a butt plug or anal plug is. Yes, this is a very common anal sex toy. As for the glass butt plug, it is an anal sex toy made of glass. Glass plug is very similar to a glass dildo. But it tends to be smaller in size.
Glass plugs are primarily passed through the anus and then inserted into the rectum. Thus, people will feel a burst of pleasure. Of course, it’s a major player in the anal sex game. These butt plugs have a handle. That design is to keep the butt from getting lost in the anus.
These glass butt plugs are very sturdy. In fact, people don’t have to worry about it breaking. These glasses are borosilicate glasses. Like many glass container materials, it is high-temperature resistant. These glass butts are very strong and durable. So, you can enjoy 100% safe sex with it.

How to choose the best glass anal plug?

Actually buying glass anal plugs is very simple. Because you’ve confirmed that you want glass sex toys, haven’t you? This narrows down the options. Indeed, anal glass is very safe. You don’t have to worry too much. And it doesn’t take much time to clean.
Then, you need to consider your own budget. In fact, for glass anal toys, the price is very cheap. Some even cost as little as $15. And you don’t have to worry about buying poor-quality buttplugs at a low price. Because there are no poor-quality glass sex toys here. We acquired all-glass adult toys from old glass artisans. Affordable quality is our advantage.
Finally, you may need to figure out what kind of glass anal plugs do you like? Because there are many styles and sizes of butt plugs on the market. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you buy a smaller size. Because starting small helps to experience better anal sex. But if you are an advanced player, then you can choose from many styles of glass plugs at once. Because the price is cheap. Even if you buy a lot, it won’t hurt your wallet.

How to use glass butt plugs?

Step1. Cleaning is simple but important. Clean your anus and your glass anal plug. Cleaning the anus is easy. When you shower, just rinse your anus. As for glass anal toys, just rinse under the tap.
Step2. Lubrication is necessary. As we all know, the vagina has the function of self-lubricating. Of course, the premise is to feel sexually provocative. But not anal. So before use, you need to lubricate the anus and plug. Just apply lube to the anus and sex toy. This allows the butt plug glass to slide into the anus.
Step3. Choose the best sex position. Whether it’s solo masturbation or couple sex life, you need to choose the best sex position. That way your sexual pleasure will be stronger.
Step4. Storage can prolong the use time. After sex, you should carefully clean your glass butt plug. Then wipe dry. Finally, find a hidden dry place. Store it in a cupboard or under the sheets.

What types of glass anal toys are there?

That’s right. There are many types of glass anal toys. But they are all for anal sex. According to different sizes and characteristics, there are the following types:
Glass butt plugs: This is the classic type of glass anal toy. This is mostly an anal sex toy with a pointy head. Then the bottom is usually wider. It looks like an awl.
Glass anal beads: This looks like a string of rosary beads. From top to bottom, the size of the beads is from small to large, which makes your anal sex full of layers.
Glass anal set: This is primarily an anal trainer. These kits have a minimum of three butt plugs. You can start with the smallest experience. Then slowly try larger sizes. Eventually, become a high-level player.

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