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Very Strong: Glass dildos are sure to make you hard. Some models even have bulbs on the tip to give a G-Spot or P-Spot a targeted feel.

Incredible Textures: Glass ripples, ribs, glass beads, and more, so things get extra intense.

Temperature Game: Put the dildo in warm water before use for a realistic feel, or use cold water to give yourself an alluring vibration.

Easy To Clean: These sex toys are non-porous and easily wash away germs after use. Most are dishwasher safe, use with caution!

Artistic Sense: Many glass dildos look like sculptures rather than masturbation toys, with elegant designs and pleasing colors.

Lasts a long time: Glass will hold up well after other materials start to show their age.

Glass dildos are made from the same type of super-strong glass as the popular bakeware. They are safe when used for their intended purpose and are more hygienic than many other sex toy materials.

However, if you accidentally drop it on the ground, be sure to check for damage. Otherwise it will hurt your body. Better to buy a new one to replace it.

Discreet shipping and our 100% satisfaction guarantee: Rest assured, your glass dildo will be delivered in plain packaging to protect your privacy. If the toy doesn’t meet your expectations, simply return it within 90 days for a refund or exchange.

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